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Being founded in mid 2016, Ingenious Folks is not a bunch of ex-advertising execs with years of experience, but by fresh college grads that happen to see the world of advertising and say “We can do much better than this.”
We broadcast big ideas and even bigger solutions with more dexterity as well as efficiency than larger digital agencies. We succeed because we create the best, and not because we are big.
Our Approach

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all recipe of success. From startups just finding their foundation, to settled companies with decades of brand history, we go ahead and mold our team and operate around each client. Each project is different & unique and should be constantly measured against an individual set of targets. Therefore, we know how to keep away from the usual pitfalls before they even happen.

How we work

Prompt and responsive team of seven professionals. Ingenious Folks is one of the creative advertising agencies which has achieved quite a notice in the industry by its works and in future, it slowly plans to globalize. We have taken the Ingenious Folks talent far and wide with a daily oath to ourselves and our clients that we will never ever deliver the “same-old, same-old thing.” We believe in a better digital tomorrow!

We design brand, blend digital experience & campaigns that engage the right audiences.
A close Knit group of ``creative internet solution junkies``


We’re not insane men. We’re just a young group of artists, storytellers, musicians, film-makers, coders, and geeks who clinch to the recent fashion trends, try the latest technology, and attempt to bring a smile on our clients’ face every week. This love of culture gives us a level of proficiency other agencies only pretend they have. We bet there are a lot of other advertising & digital agencies out there—but none however built to help challenger brands excited to take on the Goliaths of the world like us. We are a group of innovation-obsessed enthusiasts for developing new ideas and strategic campaigns, engaging with the client and their needs in particular. We aim to give whatever the client asks for with full determination. Our goal is not just to achieve 100% satisfaction, but also give out 100% Creative-Satisfaction.

Some key brands we have worked with to help develop their digital presence.

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